The New Adventure

This month has already been so busy for me. I found myself coming back to home a lot, figuratively and literally. There was a lot of change going on around me that felt very abrupt at some points. I wanted to write a little update and organize all the craziness in my head into one post. I've been absent from my blog and from my love of writing for quite some time now and I'm ready to revisit them both.


Kiehl's Haul!

I wanted to make a quick little post today just showing some of the things I got from Kiehls. I wanted to try out some new skincare products so I went crazy on this Kiehl's deal that they had going on about a month ago. So here we go!


My Summer Must-Haves

Hello you, 

I'm here to bring you my Summer must haves! Are you ready for this? Go get a snack because there are a lot of things that I love using in the Summer time so this isn't going to be short. Let's get into it!


May Favorites 2016

It's been longer than I'd like to admit since I've posted to YouTube or my precious blog. So I thought I would post a May Favorites to show off products I've been loving and also give a small life update.

So here we go!


25 Questions About Me Tag

Today I wanted to bring you the "25 questions about me tag" on my new beauty channel. So I will leave everything below and if YOU would like to do this tag too, the questions will be down below!


The One Month Update

It’s been a month since my #Shameless blog post and I’m here to give an update. I’ll be honest, I didn’t keep up with the exact numbers I said I would do. Between starting my new job and feeling at a loss for inspiration, I slacked off a little bit! But I will say this, I’ve done more this month than I have in about a year and it’s all because of the goals I set.

I’m feeling a little bit more myself these days. I feel like because of this goal-setting process, I’ve been doing more things that align with my morals and beliefs. I’ve been becoming myself again each time I set a goal and accomplish it, each time I push myself out of my comfort zone. I’m growing without even realizing it!


The Start of Something New

Two blog posts in one week, what kind of maniac am I? The kind of manic that brings very exciting news. You may have noticed a rather large cap in between my last post and the blog post before that. Which would be fine if I hadn't written my previous post about how I was going to post more... ha oops! The reason for this gap is YouTube's fault!

Let me explain.

Over the past few hundred years I've been wanting to have my own YouTube channel, but I never felt like the timing was right. I've finally gotten to that place where I feel comfortable doing it and to be honest, I'm just so sick of waiting to do it! What am I waiting for?

So here I am, here I go, and here's my very first YouTube video! :)

Thank you for reading and now I can finally say, THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!